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TuitionManager Streamlines GEICO's Tuition Reimbursement Workflow

One of the nation's largest and fastest-growing auto insurers, GEICO has more than 16 million auto policies in force and insures more than 24 million vehicles. Part of their well-rounded benefits package includes tuition reimbursement. With more than 40,000 employees eligible for the program, GEICO pays out more than $2 million in annual reimbursements.

User-friendliness was a very important feature for us. And, that’s what TuitionManager delivers."

Andrea Winters
HR Program Specialist

The Challenge

The shear size of GEICO's tuition reimbursement program creates serious challenges for their HR department. "We have more than 40,000 employees who are eligible for tuition reimbursement," shares Andrea Winters, Human Resources Program Specialist. "In 2017, we had nearly 12,000 participants in the program." And, as GEICO continues to grow, the number of eligible employees also grows.

Naturally, GEICO's HR department had an automated solution in place to handle the tuition reimbursement process from application to approval to reimbursement. However, after switching their HRIS from PeopleSoft to Workday, they ran into a problem.

"Once we stopped using PeopleSoft and started using Workday, we needed a tuition reimbursement platform that flawlessly integrated with Workday," explains Andrea. "If we didn't find a solution, we would have had to use two different systems in our department, one for tuition reimbursement and one for everything else."

The HR department had to find a solution that allows it to handle a large number of program participants while also integrating into their HRIS. "We looked at several platform options and decided to go with HostedHR's TuitionManager," says Andrea.

The Solution

HostedHR's TuitionManager is a tuition reimbursement management platform that automates workflows by electronically routing applications and supporting documentation through a pre-defined approval chain. It empowers employees to take control over their education program while minimizing involvement of HR staff.

Selecting TuitionManager solved one of the most important challenges that GEICO's HR department faced. Because it seamlessly integrates with any HRIS, TuitionManager eliminates the need to have disparate systems to handle tuition reimbursement and other routine HR tasks.

Also, because TuitionManager is a web-based solution, employees can easily access the system from any computer or mobile device. "One of the reasons why we selected TuitionManager was that it was so user-friendly," shares Andrea. "We needed our employees to be able to use the platform with ease. And, that's what TuitionManager delivers."

HostedHR's customer service is amazing. Whenever I need help, and it's not frequent that I do, they are able to solve my issue either the same day or the next day."

Andrea Winters
HR Program Specialist

The Results

Andrea is happy with her department's decision to use TuitionManager because it offers benefits that make her job easier while providing a better experience to GEICO's employees.

Easy Integration with Workday

Because TuitionManager is built from the ground up to integrate with any HRIS, it was easy to connect it to GEICO's Workday platform. "The HostedHR team got things done within a couple of days. Everything went smoothly. Whatever changes we needed after that were quickly taken care of," says Andrea.

Saves Time by Streamlining Workflow

It's the little things that add up to big time savings. TuitionManager's user interface and how users navigate the software made a huge impact on Andrea. "With PeopleSoft, there was a lot of clicking on so many different pages," she says. "With TuitionManager, everything I need to see about an application is all on one page. I'm saving time thanks to TuitionManager."

Better Reporting Capabilities

TuitionManager provides a comprehensive listing of reports designed to unlock the wealth of information collected about tuition reimbursement program participants. The platform also features an ad-hoc report builder which gives administrators the flexibility to report on every data field.

"One of the reports that is very important to us is pending applications," shares Andrea. "“With that report, we are able to determine which person is taking too long to make a decision on an application and we can contact them to make sure the employee gets reimbursed as quickly as possible."

When asked what she would say to an HR department leader who was considering using TuitionManager, Andrea replied, "I'd say go with TuitionManager. HostedHR has a great team that made implementation fast. The application process is now easier for our employees, the approval process is quicker, and we get better reports."

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