Tuition Reimbursement Management

Make your tuition reimbursement program more efficient with our intuitive and configurable web-based system.

Simple Application Process

TuitionManager's intuitive two-step process makes it easy for your employees to obtain approval for educational activities then request reimbursement.


Applications are customizable to your unique needs and can include custom questions, custom fee fields, required vs. optional, etc.


Forms can accommodate multiple types of educational activities including: college or university courses, conferences, certifications, and continuing education courses.


Applications and required documentation such as class syllabi, grades, and receipts are submitted electronically to avoid needless paper-shuffling, storage, and retrieval.


Empower Your Employees

Give your employees the power take control of their own educational program with minimal involvement from your Human Resources staff.

Branded to Your Organization

We provide a custom-branded URL and login portal complete with your company's name and logo.

Available 24x7

TuitionManager is available 24x7 for your employees to submit applications and track the status of their requests.

Extensive Help Content

Your employees are given access to a library of help documentation which includes frequently asked questions and video tutorials.

Easy Application Review

Your designated approvers have the info they need when they need it


Applications flow through your pre-defined approval chain and to your approvers electronically and instantaneously.


Approvers are notified via email and on-screen alert that an application is pending their review.

Information at Approver's Fingertips

An employee's full application history, relevant employment & application information is displayed to approvers so they can make informed decisions about whether to approve or deny an application.

Powerful Administration

Review all aspects of your tuition program through the administrative console

Application Management

Administrative users are given a bird's-eye view of all activity and have the ability to edit, approve/deny, cancel, and reassign applications.

User Management

View and edit the details of every user in the system including resetting passwords.

Security Management

Control access to applications, pages, and system functions/actions at a user or group level.



Reporting & Analytics

Instant, relevant insights at your fingertips.

Canned Reports

We provide you with a comprehensive listing of canned reports to unlock a wealth of information about your tuition reimbursement program.

Ad-hoc Builder

Our intuitive and powerful ad-hoc report builder gives you the flexibility to report on every data field within TuitionManager.




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